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    Your present position: :Home >> Details  Tongjia photoelectric young employees to join the Beijing flood relief donation activities

    Tongjia photoelectric young employees to join the Beijing flood relief donation activities

    A sudden rain affects the heart, it makes the Beijing area to 1.6 square kilometers, with area of 1.4 square kilometers, about 1.9 million people affected by. During a disaster, "Beijing suburbs of many victims have lived in a tent, but the tent only the cot and other facilities, very rudimentary, the tent temperatures as high as 37 ℃ to 38 ℃, no electric fan, life remains very difficult, people's production and life to affect greatly. For developing" one party, p plus support "the fine tradition of the Chinese nation, for the flood-fighting disaster relief and social stability positive contribution strength, good according to all the photoelectric technology Co., LTD youth corps committee, all good company requirements has urged the communist youth league committee member, the young for flood positive contributions.
    The company attaches great importance to the donation activity leadership, especially held related kick-off, called for each and initiative

    The youth corps cell and the vast Numbers of young members have to be widely mobilize, quick action, join in positively the flood-fighting disaster relief operations,

    To carry out the activity organization. The flood-fighting disaster relief donations to offer the compassion activity initiative issued, all good company ministries

    The door, division, the company of affiliation positive response young employees, and to participate in, opens in succession for donation activity contribution

    An own strength.

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