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    Province, city leaders and experts to visit our company
    September 12, 2012 afternoon, Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department, bureau of Dongguan city science and technology leaders and industry expert group group 10 people, in Taiwan Tongjia photoelectric Dongguan company general manager Mr Lin Xiayang to accompany the reception, to visit the company guidance work. Inspect group group listened to report the situation, a detailed understanding of our business philosophy, marketing strategy and the scale of production policy, also visited the company's packaging production line, application and administrative offices, the Division I a number of patent applications and plug-ins LED lamp beads, beads, a large patch of LED power LED lamp, piranha series of LED lights, infrared transmitting tube, an infrared receiving head and switch with lamp special small butterfly LED beads with product quality and project development achievements affirmed, and the Division I in Dongguan to promote industry of new and high technology and development of LED industry construction in great expectations.
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