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    About Us
    Togialed Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd., found in 1997, is a photoelectric enterprise headquartered in Taipei with many years of experience in multinational operation. Its business covers manufacturing and service operations in the photoelectric industry. As a provider of comprehensive photoelectric solutions, it has a number of internationally cutting-edge independent intellectual property rights.
    Togialed offers a whole set of services from the photoelectric component development, finished EPC, independent intellectual property rights authorization output, photoelectric technology to photoelectric financing package of services. The company has complete specifications of the product line. Products include LED LAMP, SMD LED, Hi-POWER LED, COB LED, IR Emitter, IR Receiver, etc. A series of products cover the entire product line.


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    Congratulations Dongguan HongCheng Optical Co., Ltd. officially opened... 2012-9-14
    tongjialed.com... 2012-9-14
    New Products
    • High-power four color leds|four unity LED lamp bead | red,green,blue and white LED lamp bead

    • High power 1 WLED lamp bead

    • Dual color COB

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    E-mail: dg@togialed.com
    Address: No. 96 XinTou Industrial Zone, Dongguan City, Guangdong, China
    Web site: www.tianmizhuanshen.com

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